Weekly Contact, September 8, 2016

Hello there,

Officially autumn does not begin for another two weeks but we are back into the fall schedule. This Sunday we are back to two services.  Our traditional service with the Chancel Choir singing (Yay!!) will be at 9:00 and our Synergy service led by our Praise Team (Yay!!) will be at 11:00.  Sunday School for all ages will be in between, starting at 10:15.

As we gear up for all the programs and activities, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are looking for some volunteers in some very critical areas.  First off, our Wednesday evening LOGOS program needs more adults in a number of areas.  One place is just being a “table parent”.  We have a meal on Wednesdays and we need adults just to be with the kids while they eat.  I can tell you from personal experience that this is not only easy, it is actually a lot of fun.  There is no lesson to plan, nothing you need to do ahead of time.  Just show up and eat with some wonderful children.  Anyone can do this.  There are other slots to fill in our LOGOS program.  There is a sign-up sheet in the social room, or contact Pastor Beth.

Then we need help in the nursery on Sunday mornings. Brent and Dianna England are coordinating this.  Their goal is to get 14 teams of two, and then each team would only have to do it four times in the year.  If you could help us out, contact Brent or Dianna.

Finally, this Sunday we are starting our fall sermon series on favorite Old Testament Bible stories. I will be starting it off, preaching on Genesis 2:4-25, the creation of humankind.  My sermon title is “So What’s Your Story?”  Thank you to all who voted on their favorite story.  I have listed the results of the polling with the preaching schedule below.

Stay in One Peace,


September 11, Genesis 2:4-9, 15-25, Creation of Humanity, Pastor Howard preaching

September 18, Genesis 4:1-16, Cain and Abel, Pastor Howard

September 25, Genesis 6-9, Noah and the Flood, Pastor Beth preaching

October 2, Exodus 14:10-14, 21-29, Moses and the Red Sea, Pastor Howard

October 9, Exodus 20:1-17, The Ten Commandments, Pastor Howard

October 16, Job 1:1-22, Job, Pastor Howard

October 23, The Book of Ruth, Ruth and Naomi, Pastor Beth

October 30, 1 Samuel 17:19-26, 31-51, David and Goliath, Pastor Howard

November 6, Daniel 3:19-30, The Fiery Furnace, Pastor Howard

November 13, Daniel 6:1-23, Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Pastor Howard

November 20, Esther 4:5-17, Esther, Pastor Howard