Weekly Contact- September 3, 2017

Hello there,

This has been quite a week for the people of Houston and south east Texas.  It brought back memories of the Cedar Rapid flood in 2008, although there is no question that Hurricane Harvey is much, much worse.  There are number of fund raisers going on to send relief to flood victims.  Most are excellent and worthy of support, however there are some scams out there, so be careful.  You can make a donation through our church, specifically to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  When you designate a gift to PDA, 100% goes to those in need. Administrative costs are covered through other means.  Or if you would like to make a gift right now online, you can click here.

We have a great Sunday coming up.  Once again we are delighted to have the Bechtold Family Singers bringing their music to our service.  There were with us last spring and many enjoyed their Bluegrass-Gospel playing and singing.  They are a very talented bunch with parents Alan and Sue, and four great kids, Kaylee, Chloe, Kyle and Levi.  Following the service, they will be offering a short concert in our sanctuary.

 We also will be celebrating the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.  My sermon text is Matthew 16:21-28 and the title is: Lose Your Life-Find Your Life.

Finally, the September First Press is out. Paper copies are available around the church building, or you can down load a copy off our website by clicking here.

Stay in One Peace,