Weekly Contact- September 29, 2016

Hello there,

Garrison Keilor used to begin his monologues with the line, “Well, it’s been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone, my home town…” It has been anything but quiet for those of us here in the Cedar Rapids area.  The Cedar River rose to a record level, second only to the flood of 2008.  It could have been a terrible disaster as it was then, with thousands homeless, businesses under water and closed down, and an overwhelming mess taking months to clean up.  But thanks to thousands of volunteers, from little kids to high school sports teams to college kids to senior citizens, the city was prepared and the damage was minimal in comparison to years gone by.  If you had anything to do with this effort, may God’s blessings be upon you, for you have done something wonderful.

And, of course, there is still work to be done. If you have some time Matthew 25, located at 201 Third Avenue SW, in Cedar Rapids is looking for some help removing sand bags and getting back into their offices.  They are an organization that was instrumental in the Block by Block recovery program after the 2008.  Since then, they have been working on the west side of the city to improve the neighborhood, and our youth group went down to help with their urban farm in the Time Check neighborhood just a few weeks ago.  If you are able to help, contact Eden Youngberg at (712) 830-3965.

And Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center also needs some help. Their executive director is our Chelsea McDill, and are down at 701 Center Point Rd NE, close to Coe College.  Chelsea says that starting at 8:00 tomorrow (Friday) morning they are doing clean up, and on Saturday afternoon they will be moving furniture and other large items from the upper floor down to the first floor.

There is some irony in all this, for last Sunday Pastor Beth preached on Noah and the flood, and this Sunday I am preaching on Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. We are continuing our sermon series on your favorite Bible stories.  My text this week is Exodus 14: 10-16, 21-29 and my sermon title is “Taking the Next Step.”  It is also World Communion Sunday, so we will be sharing the Lord’s Supper, of course, and the Chancel Choir is singing.

This Sunday, Pastor Beth is beginning a series of five adult Sunday School classes on the Strong Women of the Bible. This week she will be looking at the story of Hagar, found in Genesis 16:1-16 and 21:1-21.  Join her in the chapel for an interesting class.

Finally, the October/November First Press is out.  Paper copies will be available at various locations in the building, or you may down load it by clicking on the link below.

Stay in One Peace,