Weekly Contact- September 25, 2015

Hello there,

This is a busy weekend with the Swamp Fox festival among other events going on in the community. We are excited that we will be having a float in tomorrow’s parade. The youth have been working on it for the last week and it looks great. We are extending the invitation to all Kindergarten through fifth grade children to ride on the float if they would like to do so. We would like an adult to be responsible for each child, so if you cannot be on with them, but another adult is willing to keep an eye on them, that would be great. All those who ride on the float are encouraged to wear red, white and blue. If you want more information contact Abbie Parker (641-417-9119) or at [email protected].

We have a great worship planned for Sunday morning. Once again we will be singing out of the new hymnal. (Just a reminder, if you would like make a donation for a hymnal in honor or memory of a loved one, envelopes are available in the pew racks.) The Chancel Choir will be singing at the first service. Pastor Beth is preaching. Her text is Esther 4:9-17 and when was the last time you have heard a sermon from Esther? Her sermon title is “A Time Such as This.”

Stay in One Peace,