Weekly Contact–September 24, 2013

Hello There,

First off, the October First Press is available.  You may download it by going to:


or click here

If you want a paper copy you may pick one up at various locations around the church building.

Sunday is Youth Sunday, so Pastor Beth and the young people will be leading in worship and providing the special music.  The text for this week is Luke 16:19-31, another story of a rich man.

So come and enjoy the service, but also come hungry.  The batter boys are back, working with the youth to put another pancake breakfast.  There is no set price for these breakfasts, but there will be a basket for you to make a generous donation to support the youth on their mission trips.

Saturday will be my middle granddaughter’s second birthday.  Her name is Kyra.  Thinking about her reminded me of something I have been mulling over for a while.  Kyra and her parents came to our second service a few weeks ago.  Most of the time when they go to their own church, Kyra goes to the nursery, but since it was unfamiliar; they decided to keep her in worship.    In the middle of my sermon, something went wrong and Kyra started crying.  She could not be quieted, so my daughter-in-law took her out.

Now, that was fine, but perhaps you would be interested in knowing my feelings about noisy children during worship.  First and foremost, I am simply delighted that families are together in worship.  In many churches, there are no young families with young children, which is sad.  I am not in any way condoning naughty behavior, but a toddler who does not know better should be regarded as a blessing, not a problem.  Second, to all parents of noisy children: I know you are probably embarrassed, but most of the time it is not as bad as you think it is.  Be courteous of others, but do what you need to do to care for your child.  You got this little one bathed, fed and dressed for church.  We appreciate how hard that is and want to support you in any way we can.  Finally, if you are sitting near a child who is a bit lively during worship, please be patient.  If there is something you can do to be helpful, by all means offer to do so.  But if not, here is something to think about: perhaps God is trying to speak to you through this child, and perhaps that is more important than what I might be saying in my sermon.

Stay in One Peace,