Weekly Contact- September 19, 2013

Hello there,

First of all, don’t forget Leigh Benish’s ordination service, this coming Sunday, 4:00 at the First Presbyterian Church near Ely (11000 Spanish Rd, Ely).  We wish Leigh nothing but the best as she takes this next step in her service to Christ’s church.

That is Sunday afternoon.  Worship on Sunday morning at FPC Marion is going to be good.  Laurel Klinkenberg will be back directing the Chancel Choir and the praise team.  Laurel has been recovering from surgery.  We thank God that all went well for her, and pray that she will continue to grow strong and healthier.  Last week Pastor Beth preached on two familiar parables, the lost sheep and the lost coin.  This week I am preaching on probably the weirdest of Jesus’ parables.  It is sometimes called the parable of the unjust steward or the parable of the wicked manager.  It is found in Luke 16:1-13 and it is really strange.  So come on Sunday and see what I am able to do with it.  My sermon title is “Cooking the Books.”

Finally, this Sunday is the first day of fall.  The weather will soon be getting colder and you probably have already seen Halloween merchandise in the stores.  Every year FPC is involved in the Marion Cares Trunk or Treat event.  This is a chance for the kids out at the Azure apartments and at the trailer parks to dress up and have a little safe Halloween fun.  Our project has always been to collect socks.  Many of these kids go to school without socks, even on the coldest days of winter.  So rather than just pass out candy, we also give away socks.  So the next time you are in a store, pick up a pack of new children’s socks, any size, any style.  We will have baskets here at church where you can drop them off.  They will be passed out at the Trunk or Treat event on October 26th.  It is an easy way to spread some of the warmth of the love of God.

Stay in One Peace,