Weekly Contact- September 12, 2013

Hello there,

The weather seems to have turned.  It’s not bad now, but it was terribly hot earlier this week with temperatures hovering around 100°.  I think it was Tuesday afternoon, that I was wishing I had a set of pot holders in my car for the steering wheel.  The hottest temperature on record in the state of Iowa was set in 1934.  It was 118° recorded down in Keokuk.  According to one story that year, a farmer happened to have tied a donkey out by his corn field.  It was so hot that the corn began to pop.  The donkey thought it was a blizzard and froze to death.

Whether you believe that or not, you can be certain that it will be a good Sunday this week.  Have you ever lost something valuable and then found it?  It is a wonderful feeling when that happens, isn’t it?  The text for this week is Luke 15:1-10, two stories of the lost being found.  Pastor Beth is preaching and her sermon title is “Seeking the Lost.”  The Chancel Choir will be singing.  Judy and Sharon Colton will be doing one of their organ/piano duets.  Those are always a treat.  Remember we are back to two services with Sunday School in between.

Last Tuesday evening, Leigh Benish cleared the final examination for ordination at a meeting of the Presbytery of East Iowa.  You will recall that Leigh served as our seminary intern for one year and then as our youth leader the following year.  She has accepted a call as the associate pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Temple, TX.  So you are invited to her ordination service at 4:00, on Sunday, September 22, at the First Presbyterian Church near Ely, (11100 Spanish Rd., Ely).   This is Leigh’s home church, and where Julie Schuett now serves as pastor.  It will be a wonderful celebration for both congregations.

See you soon and until then stay in One Peace,


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