Weekly Contact– October 29, 2015

Hello there,

First off, the November First Press is available.  Click here to read it online.  Paper copies are available in various locations around the church building.

Don’t forget to “fall back” on Saturday night. Daylight savings ends, so we set our clocks back one hour, which means a little extra sleep on Sunday morning.

We will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper on Sunday, which is always a joy. The Chancel Choir will be singing at the first service.  I will be preaching on two related texts, Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Mark 12:28-34.  My sermon title is “Making It Last.”

FPC is like any church in that we are always in need of volunteers, always looking for some help. At the same time there are those who would like to help, but for various reasons cannot serve in typical ways.  Well, we are looking for someone to do a very specific job.  We have a well-designed church website.  However, as anyone knows who has worked with the internet, the real challenge is keeping everything up to date.  We are looking for someone who is willing to help out with our website.  You do not have to have high tech skills.  If you are reading this, you must be using a computer.  We can get you whatever training you might need.  You can work on this at home.  You do not have to come to any meetings.  But we really could use some help keeping the information current and helping us reach more people through our website.  If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know.

Stay in One Peace,