Weekly Contact– October 17, 2013

Hello there,

Here is an old joke:  A duck walks into a bar and states, “I would like to buy some grapes.”  The bartender says, “This is a bar, not a grocery store.  We don’t have any grapes.” So the duck leaves.  The next day the same duck walks in to the same bar and says, “I would like to buy some grapes.”  The same bartender says, “I told you yesterday.  This is a bar.  We sell drinks, not food.  We don’t have any grapes?”  The third day the same thing happens.  The duck walks into the same bar and says, “I would like to buy some grapes.”  By now the bartender is losing his patience.  “Quite asking about grapes!” he yells.  “I keep telling you we don’t have any grapes!  If you come in one more time asking about grapes, I am going to nail your flat feet to the floor!”  The next day, sure enough, the duck walks into the bar only this time he says to the bartender, “I would like to buy some nails.”  The bartender is exasperated.  “Oh, so now you think we are a hardware store.   We are a bar, a BAR!!  We don’t have any nails!”  The duck nods and says, “Good!  Then I would like to buy some grapes.”

I said it was an old joke, I didn’t say it was a good one.  Say what you like, but at least the duck was persistent; which is a lead in for Pastor Beth’s sermon on two texts about persistence: Jeremiah 31:27-34 and Luke 18:1-8.  Her sermon title is “Persistent Faith.”  The Cherub Choir will be singing at the first service, and we will be having a baptism at the second service.  It will be a great Sunday.

This Sunday is the last day to bring in socks for Socktober.  We will be giving out socks at Marion Cares’ Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 26.  We are also looking for someone to help distribute socks on that day.  If you could give a few hours to help out, contact Pastor Beth.

Our Family Promise guests are arriving on Sunday afternoon.  If you see them around next week, be sure to say hello and do everything you can to make them feel welcome.

Finally, we are trying to get copies of our sermons up on the website on a timely basis.  Click here for my sermon from last week entitled “Healing Faith.”

Stay in One Peace,