Weekly Contact- October 13, 2016

Hello there,

SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS! We need socks. Children and youth sized socks.  Marion Cares works with kids in some of the lower income neighborhoods in town.  Some of these kids go off to school without any socks on.  That may not be a problem in September or even October, but imagine what that would be like in February.  On October 27th, Marion Cares is holding their annual Trunk or Treat Halloween party and once again we are collecting socks to be given out to those kids at that party.  So the next time you are in a story, pick up a pack of kid’s socks and bring them to the church.  We need you to get them in by a week from Sunday, October 22nd.

It is going to be a good Sunday. The Chancel Choir is singing at the first service and we are continuing our sermon series based on your favorite stories from the Old Testament.  This week we are looking at the fascinating story of Job.  You have probably heard the expression “the patience of Job” but what is this story all about?  My text is Job 1:1-22 and my title is “Making the Connection.”  I hope you join us.

And join Pastor Beth at 10:15 in the chapel for her ongoing Bible Study on the strong women of the Bible. This week she is focusing on Rahab of Jericho; a fascinating individual.

Don’t forget… Celtic Heritage Sunday is October 30th.

Stay in One Peace,


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