Weekly Contact– October 10, 2013

Hello there,

First off, if you are collecting socks for Socktober, we really need them in this week, if at all possible.  It takes a little time to get them all sorted.  So, stop by your favorite store, pick up a pack and bring them to church on Sunday.

Last week, I preached about “Crowbar Faith,” and about Crowbar projects we want to start up.  If you would like to read that sermon, you can click here.  This link will take you to the FPC Marion website, and then click on the PDF icon to download the sermon.  This week I am preaching on Luke 17:11-19.  It is the story of Jesus healing ten sick individuals and one coming back to thank him.  The one who came back was a Samaritan, an outsider.  My sermon title is “Healing Faith.”  The Chancel Bell Choir will be playing at the first service.

We will have guests from Family Promise, the week of October 20 – 27.  This ministry has been effective.  The families who stayed with us in July have found permanent housing.  At this point there is a new family in the program, a mother with a one year old and a baby due in mid-November.   We do need some volunteers to stay overnight during that week.  Our Family Promise coordinator, Sheila Myers says that the overnight job is easy, easy, easy.  You show up at 8:00 p.m. with your own bedding (most people bring a sleeping bag and pillow and something to read) and go to sleep whenever you want!  We provide the air mattresses.  Unless you’re a married couple, the overnight hosts don’t sleep in the same room.  One sleeps in the food pantry and the other sleeps in the helping hands store.  Sheila come to relieve you about 6:15 or 6:30 the next morning.  Many of the volunteers who have done this do work in the day and have found that this is not difficult to do.  If you are interested, contact Sheila, one of the pastors, or the church office.

Finally, if you love someone who is struggling with all the challenges of getting older, we are starting up a support group to help you as you deal with some of the frustrations and problems involved.  Connie Kent and Joan West will be leading this group.  The first meeting will be a week from Sunday, October 20th at 5:00, down in the lounge. 

Stay in One Peace,