Weekly Contact- October 1, 2015

Hello There,

There is a wonderful old Jewish story about the child of a rabbi who used to wander in the woods. At first his father let him wander, but over time he became concerned. The woods were dangerous. The father did not know what lurked there.

He decided to discuss the matter with his child. One day he took him aside and said, “You know, I have noticed that each day you walk into the woods. I wonder, why do you go there?”

The boy said to his father, “I go there to find God.”

“That is a very good thing,” the father replied gently. “I am glad you are searching for God. But, my child, don’t you know that God is the same everywhere?”

“Yes,” the boy answered, “but I’m not.”

Indeed, we are not the same everywhere, are we? So we need to have places to go where we can be the best we are meant to be, and I hope our church is one such place for you.

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday, so we will be joining with Christians in sacred places all around the globe, breaking bread and sharing the cup. I hope you will join us. The Chancel Choir is singing at the first service. I will be preaching on Psalm 19, the entire psalm which does not quite fit together. Take a look and see what I mean. My sermon title is “World Connection.”

Finally, the October First Press is out. If you want to download your copy, click here.

Stay in One Peace,