Weekly Contact- November 9, 2017

Hello there,

First off, WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We are having our fall clean-up day on Saturday, starting at 9:00.  The weather forecast is for chilly temperatures, but the rain is supposed to hold off until late afternoon.  So, please come help.  The more we have the quicker and easier the job.  Kids are most welcome.  They often do a better job than many adults.  Bring rakes, brooms, blowers, vacuums, whatever you think you might need.  Hot drinks and donuts will be provided.  If it does rain that morning we will postpone to the following Saturday, the 18th.

On Sunday we want you to be sure to BRING YOUR PLEDGE CARDS to church.  During the worship services we will be dedicating our faith commitments for next year.  If you need an extra card, there are some in the back of the sanctuary, or let the office know.  We will be continuing our sermon series on everyday heroes of the Bible.  This week we are looking at the encourager named Barnabas.  The sermon texts are Acts 4:32-37 and 9:26-31.  Judy Chapman and Sharon Colton will be playing a piano-organ duet for our prelude at the first service and the Chancel Choir will be singing.

As I mentioned last Sunday we will have a meeting of the congregation to elect officers following the first service at around 10:00.  The slate the nominating committee is presenting is as follows:

Elders: John Foster- 2nd term, Scott Schaub- 2nd term, Christ Knudsen, Rich Niccolls, Grant Dancey will fill a one year vacancy, and Andrea Hayes- youth elder

 Deacons: Ann Klaassen- 2nd term, Arloene Glessner, Chuck Glessner, and Ken McMurray

This Sunday will be the final adult forum on the video series, “In the Dust of the Rabbi.”  We want to thank Sandy and Tim Schneekloth for leading this series.  On the following Sunday, November 19th, I will be leading a forum on having a clear written advanced health directive.  With medical technology today it is possible to keep someone breathing and their heart beating for a prolonged length of time, even when there is no chance of any kind of meaningful recovery.  It is therefore very helpful to have clear written instructions about how you would want a medical team to proceed when you might not be able to speak for yourself.  We will talk about some of the spiritual and legal implications of these end of life issues.

Stay in One Peace,



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