Weekly Contact– November 8, 2018

Hello there,

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We have our clean-up day scheduled for this Saturday morning, starting at 9:00.  As I type this the weather forecast is predicting [email protected]%&% tomorrow, but as to how much is questionable depending on which weather report you listen to.  Obviously, if things are soggy, wet and snow covered we will reschedule everything until the following Saturday.  But it everything is dry, we will try to go ahead, even if it is cold.  So, the more we can get to help us out, the better. Even if you can only come for 45 minutes to an hour, if we get enough people we can get a lot done.  So, bundle up, and bring your rakes, brooms and blowers and let’s get everything ready before winter really sets in.

Regardless of the weather, rain or shine, there will be a packing party for Operation Christmas Child, Saturday afternoon, starting at 1:00.

Sunday is Consecration Sunday, so please bring your pledge card to worship, with your substantial increase for 2019.  If you don’t have a card, you can pick one up at the back of the sanctuary.  The Chancel Choir is singing at the first service and I am preaching on Mark 12:38-44.  My sermon title is “Enough is Enough.”

There will be a congregational meeting following the first service at around 10:00.  The purpose of this meeting is to elect elders and deacons.  The slate presented by the nominating committee is as follows:

For elders: Roger Dana (2nd term), Grant Dancey (2nd term), Paul Draper, Lois Foster, Andrea Hayes (2nd term as youth elder)

For deacons: Jerry Chaffee, Carl Foster (2nd term), Deb Groves, Linda Kushpinsky

Finally, I hope you have your calendars marked for a week from Saturday, November 17th.  We are hosting another of First Light Ministries’ Pot BLESS Harvest Feast.  I have explained before that they call it a pot bless and not potluck, because it is all about God’s blessings and luck doesn’t have anything to do with it.  The meal begins at 5:15 and worship service at 6:30. Bring a dish to share and a food item for the Marion Food Pantry.  It is always a wonderful time and you won’t want to miss it.

Stay in One Peace,



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