Weekly Contact- November 26, 2014

Hello there,

AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU!  This is coming a day early, obviously, but I hope you have a good holiday.  We have indeed been blessed with so many good things.  May we never take any of it for granted and may we always take the time to express our gratitude to our good and generous God.

The December First Press is available.  You make download it by clicking here.

There will only be one service on this coming Sunday at 9:00 due to the holiday weekend.  We will not be having Sunday School for the children and youth, but the adult classes will be meeting.  And our annual Book Fair is kicking off this week.

This is the first Sunday in Advent and we will be celebrating communion.  Paul Holstein will be singing a solo. I mentioned last week that our theme for Advent is telling the New-Old story.  The story of the birth of Jesus is an ancient story, but it is also ever new and relevant to our lives.  So throughout the next four weeks telling stories will be a part of our worship and celebration.  The old stories of waiting coming to an end and prophesies being fulfilled will be told. But there will also be new stories of God at work in our lives today.   Our texts for this coming Sunday will be Isaiah 64:1-9 and Mark 13:28-35.  My sermon title is “Deus Absconditus.”  You can Google that term if you are wondering what it means.

We are looking for people to light the Advent Candles in worship.  If you are at all interested, let the pastors or the church office know.

We are taking this storytelling theme all the way to Christmas Eve.  So we want to hear your stories.  If you have a good Christmas story of something that happened to you or your family, please write it up and send it to me.

May the next few days be filled with warmth, love and joy.

Stay in One Peace!