Weekly Contact- November 20, 2014

Hello there,

I don’t know about you, but I am having a very hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that a week from today is Thanksgiving.  I know with the snow on the ground “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” but it still seems way too soon.

So we need to shift gears and ramp up the holiday spirit.  Advent is a week and a half away and there is some good stuff coming up.

We will be decorating the sanctuary on Tuesday evening (November 25th) starting at 5:00.  We need your help.  Bring the family.  This will really get you in the mood.

We need people to light the Advent candles for the Sundays and then for Christmas Eve.  If you, your family, or another group would like to help us, reply to this note, or contact the church office.

You may sign up for poinsettias to help decorate the church starting this Sunday.  The cost is $15.

Our theme for this Advent season will be “Telling the New/Old Story” and telling stories will be a part of our worship and celebration.  If you have a good Christmas story maybe we could use it at our Christmas Eve service.  Maybe it was a Christmas when you were away from home and yet it still was meaningful.  Or maybe it was when your dad was out of work, or there was a brand new baby in the house. Whatever it is, write it up and get it to one of the pastors.

All this is coming up, but this Sunday we will be thankful.  The Chancel Choir is singing and Pastor Beth is preaching on Matthew 25:31-46, an inspiring and challenging story about sheep and goats.  Don’t miss it!

Stay in One Peace!