Weekly Contact– May 7, 2015

Hello there,

WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!  On a week from Sunday, May 17th, the guests from Family Promise are arriving.  It is a busy time of year with graduations and other activities, so we really need people to step up and pitch in.  We need people to help set up the Mission House on Sunday morning (the 17th).  We need help with meals.  We need people to stay overnight throughout the week.  If you have never volunteered before, well this is a good time.  Sign up to help in the social room or for more information, contact Sheila Myers at [email protected].

We have some good stuff going on this Sunday.  The confirmation class is joining in the first service which is always a cause for celebration.  And this will be the last Sunday for Sean Walker, our seminary intern.  So Sean will be preaching.  His text is Psalm 98 and the title is “Sing a New Song.”  There will be a reception between services to welcome the confirmation class and to thank Sean.

Finally, would you like to get creative and have some fun with color and design?  Judy and I will be teaching a four week course we are calling “Pizza and Painting with the Pastor”.  So you are invited to join us having some fun with watercolors.  We will have four sessions creating beautiful watercolor paintings using a few unusual techniques.  Each class will focus on learning a new “trick” and having some fun with color and design.  We will start each night at 6:00 with pizza, so you can eat and watch us demonstrate the technique.  Then you will get to try it yourself.  We know that no one night of the week is good for everyone.  So we will alternate between Thursdays and Wednesdays.  The first session will be Thursday, May 20th, then Wednesday, May 27th, then Thursday, June 4th, the Wednesday, June 10th.  Donations will be accepted to cover some of the costs.  There will be a sign up sheet in the social room, or let me know if you are interested.

Stay in One Peace,