Weekly Contact- May 5, 2016

Hello there,

The science lesson in the elementary school classroom that day was about magnets. Beginning with what she thought was a very simple question, the teacher asked: “My name starts with an ‘M,’ I have six letters, and I am always picking something up. What am I?” A hand started waving madly in the front row. The teacher gave a nod and the answer came bursting out: “I know — you’re a mother!”

Sunday is Mother’s Day, of course, and we thank God for moms, grandmothers, aunts, neighbors, teachers, mentors, and all the other special women in our lives who from time to time picked us up, gave us a hug, and got us going again. Sam Raiche will be singing a beautiful solo at the first service.  We will be learning a new song, “Somebody Prayed for Me,” at both services.  My text is John 17:20-26, which is Jesus’ prayer for his disciples and for us.  The sermon title is “That We All May Be One.”

There are some things coming up that you should be aware of. First off, the Sunday after next, May 15th is Pentecost.  It is the tradition in our church for everyone to wear red.  So keep that in mind.  It will also be the day we welcome in our confirmation class, so that will be an exciting day.

May 15th is an important day personally for Judy and me, as it is our 40th wedding anniversary.  But we don’t want to take away from Pentecost or the Confirmation celebration, so we invite you to have a piece of cake with us between the worship services the following Sunday on May 22nd. As part of the celebration we would like to support our Helping Hands Store that gets many requests for towels and washcloths and often runs out of those items. So, please, instead of gifts or cards, we are asking everyone to donate a towel or washcloth to help meet this need. They don’t have to be new, simply in good condition.  You are also invited to sign our wedding guest book that many of you signed when we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2001.

Finally, we are looking for volunteers who might be willing to share in mowing the grass around the church and parking lot. You will need to provide your own mower and any other tools (blower, weed trimmer, broom, etc.,.) you would like to use. It would be desirable to have the mowing performed within a few days prior to Sunday service. If you are willing to help occasionally, there is a sign-up sheet in the Social Hall.

Stay in One Peace,