Weekly Contact–May 30, 2013

Hello there,

The June First Press is now available by clicking here.

Summer is upon us.  The kids are either out or will be out of school very shortly.  We have been through most, if not all, of the graduations.  The weather is warming up (although we could do with a little less rain).   Someone once said a perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, there is a cold beverage waiting for you in the refrigerator, and you can’t get the lawn mower started.

Summer is often a time when the church is stretched financially.  Because people often do a lot of traveling in the summer attendance drops off and the weekly collections are down.  Please keep this in mind and do what you can to stay current with giving.

We are on the summer schedule here at FPC.  The office hours are 9:00 to 1:00 each weekday.  We are only doing one service on Sunday at 9:00.  This Sunday we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper.  Jess Kozloski will be singing a solo.  I will be preaching on Luke 7:1-10.  My sermon title is “Amazing Faith.”  Read the text and maybe you will be able to see how I came up with that title.

There is still space available in Vacation Bible School next week.  Since the Marion School district had to make up some snow days, we will be starting on Wednesday, June 5th and going through Saturday the 9th.  You may register your child in the social room this Sunday, or stop by the church during our summer office hours.

Once again, starting next week, we will be involved with the F.L.Y (Feeding Lunch to Youth) program.  Many of you have already signed up.  If you are interested in helping, contact Jeff Miller at [email protected].  We will be collecting juice boxes, so you can start bringing them in at any time.  For the last two years we have collected over 4,000 juice boxes, so we would hope to do so again.

Finally, some thank you’s are in order.  First, thanks to all who contributed to our social room carpet fund, and to the Presbyterian Women who organized the drive.  We have raised over $6,000 and we should have the new carpet in the near future.  That is wonderful!  And a thank you to Bob Parker, Charley Knudsen and Rodger Keleher.  Over the last three weeks, these gentlemen have dismantled and disposed of the old elevator that used to be by Pastor Beth’s office.  It was a lot of work and would have been very costly for us to have someone do it for us.  We appreciate the good job they have done.

Keep up the good work, everyone, and…

Stay in One Peace,