Weekly Contact- May 29, 2014

Hello there,

The June issue of The First Press is available.  If you would like to read it over, click here.  Paper copies are available around the church building.

This coming Sunday is “Double-up Sunday.”  If you were in church the last two weeks, you already heard about it.  We passed out double stuffed Oreos asking everyone to “double up.” What this means is that we are asking everyone to double up their pledge for one week.  So if you normally give $10 a week, we are asking you to give $20.  If you give $25, could you give $50?  If you give $1000?  Well, you are smart enough to do the math.

We are doing this for two reasons.  First, we are operating on a deficit budget this year.  Our predicted income is under our anticipated expenses.  If everyone doubled up their giving for one week that would almost cut that deficit in half.  Second, the summer months are often a time when we experience a reduction in cash flow.  Attendance is usually down as people are on vacation, and the weekly income drops.  If we could begin the summer with a little extra momentum, that might help carry us through.  So, give a little extra this week and make a difference.

This Sunday is the last in the Easter season.  We will have one service at 9:00.  Paul Holstein will be singing in worship.  I will be preaching on Acts 1:15-17, 21-26.  It is the story of an “in-between” time.  My sermon title is:  “What Now?”

A week from Sunday, June 8, is Pentecost.  Reminder:  EVERYONE WEAR RED!!!

Stay in One Peace!



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