Weekly Contact– May 28, 2015

Hello there,

First off, the June issue of First Press is available.  You may open a copy by clicking here.  Paper copies are available in various locations around the church building.

We need some help.  The school year is coming to a close and the Feeding Lunch to Youth or FLY program begins next Wednesday, and Wednesdays are our days.  So we get to kick things off and as of right now we do not have enough volunteers signed up.  If you can help next Wednesday morning and early afternoon, either making lunches or handing them out, please sign up in the church social room or contact Pastor Beth.

Also we are collecting juice BOXES for FLY.  We would rather not have the pouches.  The boxes are much easier to stack and store, and the pouches are hard for the little kids to open.  So pick up some extra boxes when you are grocery shopping, bring them to the church, and give a tasty drink to a child in the name of Jesus.

This Sunday will be a great Sunday.  Frankly, I don’t know much of what is going on other than it will be great.  The reason I am not sure about what is going on is that the youth will be leading worship.  I do know that we will be honoring the high school seniors who have graduated, and some of the youth will be providing the special music.   I also know we will be celebrating the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, which is a great way to bless our graduates.  Just a reminder, we are back to one service at 9:00 and there will be a pancake brunch following worship.

Stay in One Peace,