Weekly Contact- May 12, 2106

Hello there,

WEAR RED! It is Pentecost this Sunday and the tradition is to wear red to church on that day.  There are four colors used in the church, often seen in the cloth hanging down from the pulpit, on the communion table, or in the stoles the pastors wear.  These clothes are called vestments.  Green is the color seen most often.  It represents life, health, growth and is used for what we call “ordinary time” in the church.  Purple symbolizes royalty but also repentance and sorrow.  It is used for the seasons of Advent and Lent.  White makes us think of light, purity, and dawn.  It is used for Epiphany and the weeks following Easter.  Red is not used very often.  Traditionally it is only supposed to be used on the day of Pentecost and whenever there is an ordination.  Orange and yellow are sometimes included with the red symbolizing flames and fire.  In Acts 2:3, it says that when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples, “divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them.”

Fire is an excellent symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is powerful, can even be dangerous.  It is hard to control, flaring up in an instant.  But while we see the flame and feel the warmth, fire cannot exist in and of itself.  It has to be burning something, consuming a fuel source.  Likewise, our only comprehension of the Holy Spirit is through the Spirit’s work in and among our lives and in the world today.  Flames are in constant state of change, energy and light, transforming what they touch.  The same can be said of the Holy Spirit.

We will be celebrating Pentecost this Sunday with the Sacrament of Communion. Pastor Beth is preaching.  Her text is Acts 2:1-21 and her sermon title is “Happy Birthday, Church!”  The Chancel Choir will be singing at the first service.

We are also excited about the members of the confirmation class who will be welcomed into full adult membership at the first service. The class is smaller this year, but Calvin Kanz and Isaac Langley have been studying all year and are ready to take this important step.  They will be reading their statements of faith, and following the service there will be a reception for them down in the social room.  Be sure to congratulate them and keep them in your prayers.

Stay in One Peace,