Weekly Contact- March 5, 2015

Hello there,

First off, Saturday night move your clock ahead one hour.  You will probably get other reminders, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it.  Daylight savings time begins this weekend, so we “spring forward,” and unfortunately lose an hour’s sleep.

If you don’t want to get up so early this Sunday, I have a suggestion.  If you usually come to the 9:00 service, why not check out our Synergy service at 11:00.  We have a great group of musicians and enjoy praising God in a little more informal setting.  The 9:00 more traditional service may really be your first choice, but it doesn’t hurt to try different things once in a while.

We will be continuing our Lenten sermon series on “Things God Does for Love,” focusing on the covenants God has made with God’s people.  This week our scripture passage is Exodus 20:1-17 and we will be exploring the covenant God made with Moses and the Israelites at Mt. Sinai.  The 3rd-5th graders will be singing at the first service.

Finally, did you see the weather forecast for next week?  It is supposed to be up in the 50’s.  Spring is coming and I think we are all ready for it.  We are planning a church clean-up-day on Saturday, March 28, starting at 9:00.  We want to get the grounds cleaned up before Holy Week and our Easter celebration.  So mark your calendar.  We could really use your help.

Stay in One Peace and don’t forget that clock thing,