Weekly Contact- March 21, 2019

Hello there,

Spring is officially here.  Now, I got some grief last week when I said in the weekly contact that all the ice and snow had melted and the church parking lot was bare.  Then on Sunday morning we had a thick covering of snow.  I only can repeat what my predecessor, the Rev. Jay Miller, used to say.  I am in sales, not in management.

But spring is here, and it is supposed to be in the high 40’s or low 50’s between now and Sunday.  So I will make no predictions, but if you have not been able to make it to church for a while, I am hoping it will be clear and we will see you…  If not this week, then soon…

It will be a good Sunday to make it to worship.  Paul Holstein is singing at the first service.  I am preaching on Luke 13:1-9, and my sermon title is, “In God’s Time.”

We are starting to search for a church organist to replace Judy once she retires at the end of May.  In some ways, in may be more difficult to find a new organist than a new pastor, because this is a part time position and there just are not that many organists out there who are looking for work.  But often it is a personal connection, someone who knows someone, who can make all the difference.  So if you know someone, please contact Kari Raiche or Vicki Shadle who are on the Personnel Committee.

Stay in One Peace,


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