Weekly Contact- March 20, 2014

Hello there,

Becky Knudson will be with us this Sunday.  Becky is the director of Family Promise.  She will be giving us an update on how this are going during the worship services and then in the chapel between the services for an adult forum.

Family Promise is the ministry that coordinates area churches to provide shelter for families who are homeless.  We will be hosting our Family Promise guests starting the week of March 30th.  We can always use more help.  Please sign up on Sunday or contact Sheila Myers.

We will be continuing our Lenten sermon series.  This week the text is Exodus 17:1-7.  It is the story of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness and complaining to Moses because they have no water.  The sermon title is: “Give it Up for Lent—Your Doubts.”  The Chancel Choir will be singing in the first service.

Today is the first day of spring.  Let’s hope the weather pays attention to what the calendar says and we will be getting warmer weather.  As the temperatures start to rise and the snow finally melts away, I know there are some who are anxious to get out on the golf course.  I wish you well and hope you will be out on the fairways very soon.  However, keep your priorities straight.  I recently came across “A Psalm for Those Who Play Golf on Sunday Morning.”

The Lord is watching me; I don’t like my chances.
He maketh balls to lie down in deep rough.
He leadeth shots into still waters.
He restoreth my slice.
He leadeth me down the wrong cart path confused for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I drive through, past the valley of bunkers, I still fear those sand traps.
My irons and putters confound me.
Thou preparest a fast green before me in the presence of my foursome.
Thou anointest my brow with sweat.
My ball runneth over the cup.
Surely, birdies and pars shall elude me all the days of my life, until I dwell in the house of the Lord on Sunday mornings.

We have some good stuff planned for worship in April.  I will be saying more about that later.  For now, I know it is tempting to be out on the course when the weather is beautiful, but you will miss out if your are not with us on Sunday morning.

Stay in One Peace,