Weekly Contact- March 19, 2015

Hello there,

We have a good Sunday coming up.  Between services we have a special guest speaker giving a very interesting presentation.  Dr. Meira Kensky is the assistant professor of religion at Coe College and a regular lecturer at the Thursday morning forums at Coe.  She is a Jewish scholar who has done extensive research into New Testament writings and the development of Christianity.  She will be speaking on the parable in Jewish and early Christian traditions.  When Jesus told parables he was tapping in to a long Jewish teaching tradition.  Come an learn how some of our favorite passages in the Bible were shaped by the religious thinking of the day.

The Chancel Bells will be playing during the first service, and we shall wrap up out Lenten sermon series on the covenant.  This week my text will be Jeremiah 31:31-34 and my title is “Thing God Does for Love: Change.”

Just a reminder; a week from Saturday, March 28th, we will be having a church work day.  We will be cleaning up the grounds, sweeping up the debris and garbage from the winter.  We hope to have everything spruced up and looking good for Holy Week.

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Stay in One Peace,