Weekly Contact– March 16, 2017

Hello there,

So how are you coming on decorating your Lenten cross?  If you don’t know what I am talking about, on Ash Wednesday we passed out small wooden crosses to each family and asked that you take it home and in some way make it your own.  Paint it, write something on it, paste scripture passages or something symbolic, but somehow make it meaningful to you.  Then we would like everyone to bring their crosses to worship on Palm Sunday and we will create a beautiful Holy Week display.  If you don’t have crosses (beautifully hand made by Bob Parker) you can pick one up at the church.  Oh, and if for some reason you won’t be in church on Palm Sunday, feel free to drop off your cross in the church office anytime.

We are continuing with our sermon series “I Love to Tell the Story” based on your favorite stories from the Gospels.  This Sunday our story is Jesus walking on the water found in Matthew 14:22-33. 

I would like you to mark your calendars for a special event on Saturday, April 1st.  It is the First Light Pot Bless beginning at 5:30 in our social room.  If there is any way I can get you to join us, either through kind invitations, or nagging or guilt or any other strong arm tactics I would like to employ whatever would be effective at this point.  First Light is a group of predominantly Black churches in the Cedar Rapids area that are trying to reach out and connect with white congregations.  The idea is rather simple and beautiful.  Let’s just sit down, have a meal together and then have a little worship time together.  They call it a pot “bless” supper rather than a pot luck supper, because it is about blessings not about luck.  Over the last few months I have been struggling with what seems like a rise in open expressions of racism in our country, wondering what we can possibly do to counter such a frightening trend. Well, sitting down to break bread with some of our African-American sisters and brothers is a good way to start.

Finally, given what day it is tomorrow I thought I would end with an ancient Irish blessing that I just made up:  May your acts of kindness and mercy be lavish and long remembered.  May your sins and blunders be small and quickly forgotten.  And may the minister have a hard time holding back the tears talking about you at your funeral.

And may you stay in One Peace,