Weekly Contact- June 27, 2013

Hello there,

First off, the July-August First Press is available by clicking here.  If you would like a paper copy you may find one at various locations around the church building.  Please note, this First Press is for both July and August so there are two calendars listed.

Our new floor has been installed in the Social Room and it looks great.  Thank you to everyone who helped last week ripping out the old carpeting.  We still need your help!  We will be moving all of the furniture back into the Social Room on Saturday morning at 9:00.  If we get enough bodies it should not take very long.  Last week’s crew was done in around an hour and half.  This will be much easier.

The Senior High Youth are leaving tomorrow morning for their mission trip to Boston.  Keep them in your prayers as they travel and serve others in God’s name.

It is a good Sunday coming up and you won’t want to miss it.  I am continuing our sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer.  This week our focus is on the words “Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  These are some very interesting ideas to be dealing with the week before the Fourth of July.  Charley Knudsen will have an exciting Minute for Mission.  Karen Pierce will be playing her hammer dulcimer for special music.  That is always a rare treat.  Dulcimer music just seems to bounce with joy.

We continue to need drink boxes for FLY.  Pick some up the next time you are shopping and bring them to church on Sunday.

Stay in One Peace,