Weekly Contact- June 23, 2016

Hello there,

Did you hear the news? The Center for Disease Control has announced a virus that is far more contagious than anything they have encountered before.  So far they have not been able to come up with any sort of vaccine that will keep it from spreading.  Children are very susceptible to this virus and have been known to infect a great number of people very quickly.  So be very careful, because you could be exposed to it at almost any time.  The virus is called a smile, and you might even be exhibiting the symptoms as you read this.

That is a virus we hope will spread. Another contagious virus is called generosity.  Last Sunday, we kicked off a campaign we are calling “See the Smiles—Share the Story” that we are hoping will eliminate our deficit budget.  We have a board at the back of the sanctuary with tags on it labelled with various dollar amounts.  Under theses tags are pictures of many smiles on the faces of people involved in the life and ministry of our congregation.  They represent the hundreds of stories going on because of people like you dedicated to Jesus Christ and to his church of FPC Marion If you would like to see those smiling faces, we ask that you take a tag and make a donation of that amount using the envelope supplied.   Your generosity will spread like a smile and will make a huge difference as we move forward.

You won’t want to miss this Sunday. We are collecting juice boxes for the Feeding Lunch to Youth (FLY) program.  We would like to have them all in by this Sunday.  So if you have not done so, please stop by the grocery store and pick up a pack so that hungry children in Marion will be fed.  Sam Raiche will be singing a solo.  I will be preaching on Galatians 5:1, 13-25, and at least one verse in this passage is probably familiar to you.  My sermon title is “Who are You, Really?”

Stay in One Peace,