Weekly Contact– June 20, 2013

Hello there,

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!  We need your help on Saturday starting at 9:00, ripping up the carpet in the social room.  The installers of the new flooring will be arriving on Monday.  So we need lots of people to haul out the old.  Bring utility knives with hooked blades if you have them.  And we probably could use those long handled ice choppers to scrape up the under layer.  Even if you can only give us an hour or two, we would greatly appreciate it.

The FLY lunch program is going full tilt. So far we have distributed over 1600 lunches.  Here is one story we heard:  A little girl was standing at the park waiting for the volunteer to arrive delivering at her site.  When she received her lunch, she opened her sack and started dancing around.  Then she pulled out a prized red apple, told the volunteer delivering that it was the biggest apple she’d ever seen, and that the red juicy ones were her favorite. She walked around the whole park, taking bites of her apple, and showing it off to everyone. When the volunteer was leaving the site, the little girl was still savoring that big juicy red apple a half an hour later.

I have not mentioned juice boxes in these weekly epistles.  We were holding back for a bit, waiting to see if there might be a greater need for some other item.  But now, it is clear.  Yes, we do need juice boxes, all that we can get.  So the next time you are in the grocery store, pick up a pack of juice boxes and bring them to church.

This Sunday begins a five-part sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer.  We say it every week, but have you ever stopped and really considered what you are saying.  This week we will be focusing on the opening, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…” There is a lot to think about even with just these eight words.  Keelyn, Kyra and Calvin Kanz will be doing the special music.  It will be a good Sunday.

Following worship we will have a forum in the chapel.  The Rev. Nick Longworth is one of the chaplains at St. Luke’s hospital.  He will be helping us think through and be prepared as best we can for when an aged loved one is hospitalized.  He will be dealing with some end-of-life issues, but also working through the often confusing logistics of health care for the elderly.  It is sure to be a helpful conversation.

Stay in One Peace,