Weekly Contact– June 19, 2014

Hello There,

Well, it has been a fun time around the church this week.  Vacation Bible School has been going on with lots of excitement.  A big THANK YOU goes out to all those who volunteered to make it happen.  We appreciate all your efforts so much.

You will be getting a little taste of VBS in worship on Sunday.  The children will be singing some of their songs for the special music.  I will be preaching and I have come up with a very original title:  A Summer Sermon.  My text will be assorted verses from the book of Proverbs.  We preachers don’t use the book of Proverbs very often.  In my 29 years of ministry, I have preached on Proverbs a total of five times.  So this is an interesting challenge, and I would encourage you to come out and see how well I do.

We have been having the Family Promise guests with us all this week.  THANK YOU to all who have been helping out with this worthwhile ministry.  We will need some help on Sunday changing the Mission House basement from living space back into a youth room.  If you could spare a few minutes after worship, we would really appreciate it.

The FLY program is well underway and going strong.  In the past we have collected juice boxes.  This year we are collecting money to buy apples.  There is a place in the back of the sanctuary to make a donation.  Our goal is $500.  We have already raised over $150.  We appreciate anything you can give.

Finally, I hope you had the chance to meet our summer seminary intern, Julius Sheppard.  He will not be in church this coming Sunday, because on Saturday he will be leaving with Pastor Beth, Jess Kozloski, and some of our youth for a week long mission trip to the Red Lake Indian Reservation up in Minnesota.  Please keep the mission team in your prayers for a safe journey and a good experience as they share God’s love.  They will all be back in worship on the 29th.

Stay in One Peace,