Weekly Contact– June 17, 2015

Hello there,

It has been a fun week here at church with Vacation Bible School.   We have had around 30 kids involved with the staff from Camp Wyoming running the program.  So there has been singing, crafts, playing, skits, laughter and even a water fight or two (or baptism by super-soaker depending on how you think of it).  THANK YOU to all who had a part in making it all happen.

This Sunday is Father’s Day, of course.  William Shakespeare once said, “When a father gives to a son, both laugh.  When a son gives to a father, both cry.”  Maybe that is why Father’s Day has a different flavor than Mother’s Day.  It sometimes feels a bit awkward, because dads aren’t always comfortable with this emotional stuff.  Even so we give thanks to God for the men who have been our role models over the years.  If you are a dad, thank you for all that you have done and all that you do.

Odds are your dad would like you to be in church on Sunday, and if you come you won’t be disappointed.  There will be some presentations from the VBS kids.  Keelyn Kanz is singing a solo, which you know will be lovely.  Pastor Beth is preaching and her text will be verses from 1st Samuel 17, the story of David and Goliath.  I am afraid I won’t be with you this week, but I know Beth will do a great job.

Don’t forget to bring you juice boxes to help FLY.  And if you had your picture taken last November for the directory you may pick yours up on Sunday.

Stay in One Peace,



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