Weekly Contact – June 14, 2018

Hello there,

Happy Father’s day to all who are fathers and to all who had a father at one time or another.  There have been studies regarding the ways fathers carry their babies versus the way mothers do.  Dads tend to carry their babies facing forward, looking at the world the way they see it.  Moms tend to carry babies looking back over their shoulders to where they have been, or looking up at their own faces.  But, here is the real interesting thing: both moms and dads tend to carry their babies on their left side, whether or not they are right handed.  They consensus is that it keeps the baby closer and possibly able to hear the parent’s heart.  Maybe that is one of the reasons God is often referred to as “Father.” We are kept close to God’s heart.

So Dad would want you to be in church this Sunday.  We have a men’s chorus providing the special music.  Pastor Nancy Redman will be preaching this week. Her text is 1st Samuel 16:1-13 and her sermon title is “The Heart of the Matter.”

Stay in One Peace,