Weekly Contact- June 13, 2013

Hello there,

Sunday is Father’s Day, and we are grateful for the men who had good and meaningful influences on our lives.

A men’s chorus will be singing a fun gospel number entitled “The Spiritual Chariot.” If any other men would like to join them, it is not a difficult piece.  Just show up at 8:00 on Sunday morning to practice with them and they will be delighted to have you.

When I heard about the song the chorus is singing, I decided to use the text it is based on for my sermon.  So I will be preaching on 2nd Kings 2:1-14.  It is the story of the prophet Elijah being taken up into heaven in a chariot of fire.  It is also a story about mentoring and passing on what is important to the next generation, which is appropriate for Father’s Day.

Sunday is Ben and Mary Stearns’ 60th wedding anniversary.  So there will be a reception following worship to celebrate with them and their family.

Plans are underway for the new flooring in the social room.  We are having a church work day on Saturday, June 22, starting at 9:00 a.m. to rip out the old carpeting.  So we need your help.  Bring utility knives with hooked blades and those long handled “ice choppers” for scraping if you have them.  Many hands make light work, so even if you can give us just a little time, we would greatly appreciate it.

We are also helping out with the new Habitat for Humanity house that is being built here in Marion.  We are raising money to help with the project.  Stop by the table in the social room after worship for more information on that.  And mark Saturday, July 13th on your calendar.  That will be FPC’s workday at the Habitat home.  There is a job for everyone, so plan on doing a little “external service” helping to provide affordable decent housing for God’s people.

In the meantime: Stay in One Peace!