Weekly Contact – July 21, 2016

Hello there,

The weather outside is frightful, but the AC is so delightful. A cold drink with lots of ice, makes it nice, makes it nice, makes it nice.  I hope you are staying indoors, taking it easy and keeping cool.  More than half the battle is mental.  Thinking cool thoughts makes a big difference.  So we thought we would help you out this week.  We are celebrating Christmas in July on Sunday.  Following worship we will be having a delicious brunch down in the social room with quiche casseroles, Christmas Cookies and carols playing in the background.  There is no charge, but we hope you make a generous donation that will go to help Operation Christmas Child.  Come hungry and think cool thoughts.

Karen Pierce will be playing her hammer dulcimer in worship on Sunday. That is always a special treat.

If you were in church on Sunday, you already know I did a switch. In last week’s email I said I was going to preach on Luke 10:38-42, which is the story of Jesus at the home of Mary and Martha.  Then there was the terrible attack last Thursday night when a deranged man drove a large truck into the holiday crowd in Nice, France, killing 84 and injuring hundreds.  I felt I needed to respond to this tragedy and so I preached about fear using an interesting story from 2 Kings 6:8-23, where the prophet Elisha reminds us that there is more for us than against us.

However, the story of Mary and Martha is one that should not be overlooked. So we will be deviating from the lectionary readings and staying with Luke 10.

Just to get us into the “Christmas in July” spirit we will close out the service with “Joy to the World” a hymn that rejoices in the “wonders of his love.” So join us, and if wearing a crazy Christmas necktie will help you think cool thoughts, by all means do so.

Stay in One Peace,