Weekly Contact- July 20th, 2017

Hello there,

Early this coming Sunday morning, three adults and nine middle schoolers will be leaving for a four day mission trip in Chicago.  We will keep them in our prayers that that will all will be safe, and they will have a wonderful time.  At worship, Keelyn Kanz will be the special music, and I will be preaching on 1 Kings 3:5-14. My sermon title is “What Will You Ask?”  I hope you come hungry because after the service you are invited downstairs to the Social Hall for a Christmas in July brunch.  There will be delicious breakfast casseroles and Christmas cookies.  There is no charge, but donations will be accepted that will benefit Operation Christmas Child.

There are two events you might be interested on July 29th, a week from Saturday.  The first is a time of music, worship and celebration for Marion Cares starting at 3:00 and going until 6:00.  A freewill offering will be received and you will be able to buy refreshments.  There is still some time for you to help out by providing some baked goods.  If you are willing to do so, contact Pastor Beth, or call 377-5344.

Then, starting at 5:30 on July 29th, First Light Christian Ministries is having a Barbecue Feast over at Hus Presbyterian Church (2808 Schaeffer Drive, SW. Cedar Rapids).  First Light is the group that had a pot bless in our church back in April, and those who attended had a marvelous time.  They are having barbecued ribs and chicken, which I promise will be absolutely delicious.  Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass.  After the delicious meal there will be an inspiring worship service with some fantastic gospel music starting at 6:45.

Finally, I would like to give some credit to someone who has a very thoughtful and generous heart.  I do not know who this person is because he or she wanted to remain anonymous.  The weather has been very hot and humid over the last few weeks, as it always is in July.  So this generous person donated 20 brand new box fans to our Helping Hands store room.  Those who run it decided the fair way to distribute them would by having a drawing.  They said the people who have received these fans have been thrilled and it really is a huge help keeping cool in this weather.  Jesus said that if we give a cup of cool water in his name it would be noted in heaven.  I think this goes along with that.  So THANK YOU, whoever you are.  And may this inspire the rest of us to look for ways in which we can share God’s love.

Keep cool and stay in One Peace,


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