Weekly Contact– July 2, 2015

Hello there,

Well, perhaps you are loading up the car and heading out for the holiday weekend with family and friends.  If so, I hope you have a wonderful and safe time.  We do give thanks to God for our great nation and ask for God’s blessing and guidance.

However, if you are in town, I do hope you show up for church on Sunday, along with whatever family members might be visiting you.  It will be a good Sunday.  We will be commissioning the members of the mission trip.  Next Friday, July 10, the high school youth will head to Coalmont, Tennessee, for a week of work in Appalachia with the organization, Mountain Top.  We will take some time on Sunday to bless them and ask for God to watch over them as do some externally serving activities down in Tennessee.

We will also be celebrating the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and Paul Holstein will be singing a solo.  My sermon text is Mark 6:1-13 which is two seemingly unrelated incidents.  My sermon title is “The Sacrament of Failure.”

AND WE NEED SOME HELP after worship on Sunday.  On Friday, July 10, new carpeting will be installed in the lounge.  We need help moving out the furniture and ripping up the old carpet.  If we have enough people it should not take very long.  So you have my permission to wear whatever you think is appropriate for carpet removal to worship on Sunday.

We also need help for Family Promise.  The guests will arrive on Sunday the 12th.  We need volunteers throughout the week, but especially for setting up the basement of the Mission House on that morning. Sign up in the social room or contact Sheila Myers at [email protected].

Finally, the July/August First Press  is available by clicking here.  Paper copies are available around the church building.

Stay in One Peace,