Weekly Contact- July 2, 2014

Hello there,

This Weekly Contact is coming out a day early because of the holiday weekend.  I hope you have a fun and safe 4th with your family.

If you were in church last Sunday you know I did something a little different by painting a picture while preaching.  If you missed it, the picture is on the bulletin board outside the church office, and you can read the sermon by clicking here.

This Sunday will be good.  Nicole Theis will be doing the special music, and our new summer intern, Julius Sheppard, will be preaching.  So come to worship and give him a little support and encouragement.  Our seminary internship program continues to attract some top notch future pastors.  Julius spent a week with Pastor Beth, Jess Koslowski, Marta Pumroy and our youth group up in Minnesota on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.  Julius did an outstanding job and the teens had a great experience.  You will be hearing more about their trip in a few weeks.

Since Julius will only be with us for the summer, we would like to encourage everyone to wear their nametags.  It will help him remember names and faces, but also help us get to know each other a little better.  So stop by the rack across the hall from Pastor Beth’s office and pick up your nametag.  If yours is missing, let the office know.

Finally, we say it every year, but with vacations and people being out of town, summer is always a time when we have some cash flow problems.  We are doing well at the moment, partly as a result of our “double stuff” campaign of a few weeks ago.  But if you are going out of town, you usually remember to make sure all your bills will be paid.  If you could make a little effort to make sure you pledge is up to date, it would make a big difference to us.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, and stay in One Peace,