Weekly Contact- July 16, 2015

Hello there,

We have successfully “Let in the Light”!! Our summer campaign to eliminate the2015 budget deficit has done extremely well. All the stickers on our stained glass window poster have been peeled away. As of today we have received $23,170, in both large and small amounts from so many gracious and generous donors. If you are one of them, THANK YOU! Your willingness to go the extra mile has made a great deal of difference and we are so very grateful.

And a thank you to all who have been helping with our Family Promise guests who have been staying with us this week. We do need some help on Sunday after worship, putting the furnishings in the basement of the Mission House back into place. If we get enough help it doesn’t take very long.

As I mentioned last week, we need help mowing the grass around the church property. If this is something you think you could do, there is a sign up downstairs in the social room, or let me know.

Wednesdays are when folks from FPC Marion cover the FLY lunch program and that has been going very well. Everyone has been very faithful and helpful and we do appreciate it. We have heard from the interns running the program that Fridays are when they often are shorthanded. That’s not surprising with people heading off on vacations and all. So if you might be willing to help deliver lunches to hungry children on Fridays, send an e-mail to [email protected] or contact the Methodist church at 377-4856.

The women’s chorus will be singing in worship on Sunday. I will be preaching on Mark 6:30-34, 53-56. My sermon title is “Believing You Can Heal.”

Stay in One Peace,