Weekly Contact – July 14, 2016

Hello there,

Last Saturday morning, eight teens and four adults left from our church parking lot for our annual youth mission trip. Everything went smoothly; however day before there was a lot of stress, conversations, thinking and praying.  This was because for months the plan had been for our team to go and work in inner city Dallas, TX.  With the shooting deaths of 5 police officers last Thursday evening, we had to reconsider whether or not it was wise for them to go to Dallas.

After careful consideration and weighing many factors, it was decided it would be better if they did not go to Dallas. As we have watched the news this week, it has become clear that this was the right choice.  Dallas is a city in mourning and with all the media attention, the motorcades, the funeral processions, not to mention added security and restrictions, all in all it would have been very challenging to have a successful and meaningful mission trip experience.

Fortunately, this trip was coordinated with Youthworks, a national organization that provides mission opportunities for church groups all across the country. With a little adjustment we were able to send our group to Kansas City, on the Kansas side.

So far they have had a good week. They have been serving in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, helping in a soup kitchen, working with kids at a church with a summer day-camp program, doing some painting, and assisting in a food pantry.  They visited the Mexican consulate in Kansas City and have learned about issues surrounding immigration.  All in all it has been a very worthwhile experience.  Mark your calendar for Sunday, August 14 to hear a full report from the youth mission team.

In the meantime, this Sunday will be a good one. Keelyn Kanz is singing for our special music.  I am preaching on Luke 10:38-42 and my sermon title is “Augmented Reality.”

Stay in One Peace,


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