Weekly contact– January 14, 2016

Hello there,

This Sunday we will be ordaining and installing our new officers in the first service. It is one of my favorite things to do each year.  It is not so much the questions and all the formal language, but I love it when we call up all the pastors and elders to lay hands on those being ordained.  There are two reasons why.  First, there is a palpable sense of connecting with one another and the Spirit of God bringing divine love and power into that moment.  And, second, it is just cool when it happens in our church, because it seems like almost half of the congregation gets up and joins in.  We are blessed with a lot of leaders who have responded to the call of God, serving with faithfulness and grace.

The Chancel Choir will be singing at the first service and I will be preaching on John 2:1-11. My sermon title is “Did You See the Sign?”

If you look up the text then you know why I close with this old story. One evening a minister was driving erratically, so a police officer pulled him over.  “Have you been drinking, Reverend?” The officer asked, seeing his clerical collar, but also smelling his breath.  “Just water, Officer,” came the reply.  “Then what is in that bottle?” He said, pointing at a suspicious container in the beverage holder.  After inspection he said.  “Reverend, there is wine in here.”  Without missing a beat the minister raised his eyes to heaven. “Praise the Lord!  He has done it again!”

Stay in One Peace,