Weekly Contact–February 9, 2017

Hello there,

It was in the first week in February of 1842, 175 years ago, that 9 individuals met and voted to establish the Old School Presbyterian Church of Marion.  In 1873, this congregation changed its name to First Presbyterian church and here we are today.  It is remarkable to reflect on all that has gone on in that time.  Those original members would be amazed at all that has happened over one and three-quarter centuries. 

A milestone like this is a cause for celebration, and we intend to do just that all year long.  To kick things off this week the Presbyterian Women are providing 175 cupcakes for our coffee time between services.  It will also be a great Sunday for worship.  The Chancel Bells are playing at the first service.  I will be continuing the sermon series “I Love to Tell the Story” based on your favorite Gospel stories. This week my text is Matthew 6:5-15 where Jesus gives us the Lord’s Prayer.  With such a text, of course we need someone to sing that beautiful solo, and Sam Raiche will be doing just that in the first service.

But let’s go back to our 175th celebration; we want to have a number of big events, especially when the weather is warmer and all our snow birds return from the south.  So, next Thursday, February 16th, we are having a brain-storming meeting at 6:30 in the social room.  YOU ARE INVITED to come and share your ideas of how we might make the most of this anniversary.  The more the merrier and there is no limit as to what we might do, both to praise and thank God for his faithfulness over the years, as well as use this as an opportunity to let our light shine a bit out into our community. I hope you will join us.

Stay in One Peace,