Weekly Contact- February 25, 2016

Hello there,

I was once with a group of pastors and we got talking about what we say when stranger asks us what we do for a living. We all agreed that often we are reluctant to admit we are pastors.  It is not that we are in any way ashamed of our faith or anything like that.  It is just that when you say you are a pastor you often get pulled into a discussion that you may not want to have.  A typical reaction is a long explanation of why this person no longer goes to church.  Another reaction is often a story of how someone was mistreated by either a pastor or some other church official.  Sometimes the response is rather blunt.  I remember telling someone I was a pastor and he immediately shot back, “I have a real problem with organized religion.”  I can’t remember what I actually said but I would have liked to have quipped, “Then you might like FPC Marion.  We are not very organized at all.”

Anyway, in this little group we all commiserated on how it has not always been comfortable admitting that you are a pastor. So then the question came up, “Well, what can you say?”  After all, you shouldn’t really lie.  Someone said “I work on developing life enrichment programs.”  Someone else proposed that we say we are in the fire insurance business.  But then someone suggested simply saying, “I’m a storyteller.”  I really liked that, because after all, Jesus was a master storyteller.  So I am a spinner of stories, a fabricator of fables, a teller of tales and a nurturer of narratives.

I am using two texts for my sermon this Sunday that at first glance seem totally unrelated, but each tells an interesting story. The first is Isaiah 55:1-9 and the second is Luke 13:1-9.  I would invite you to look them up and see what you make of them.  My sermon title is “Changing the Story.”  The Chancel Choir will be singing at the first service.

If you would like to order a spring flower (lilies, tulips, hyacinths) in honor of a loved one to decorate the sanctuary for Easter there will be a form in the bulletin this Sunday, or you can call the church office.

Finally, the March First Press is out.  You may pick up a paper copy at various locations around the church building, but it you would like to download a copy click here.

Stay in One Peace,