Weekly Contact – February 18, 2016

Hello there,

Have you heard the latest news about Parmesan cheese? I am referring to the stuff that you buy in the grocery store pre-grated, and you sprinkle it on your ravioli.  Evidently the Food and Drug Administration has been looking into cheese companies that have been using ingredients such as wood pulp as filler in their Parmesan.  That’s right, wood pulp, as in sawdust.  So you might have as much nutritional value grating up the cardboard container the cheese comes in as you have in the cheese itself.  Now, it should be said that these fillers are perfectly harmless.  Nothing was impure or posed any health threat to consumers.  It was just a cost savings strategy.  Wood pulp is cheaper than cheese.  So if the container you buy in the grocery store is even 95% Parmesan and only 5% filler, that still can save the company thousands and thousands of dollars.  Even so most of us would agree that we want the real thing and not an imitation filler to sprinkle on our pasta.

We want the real thing and not some imitation. Pastor Beth will be preaching this week on Philippians 3:17-4:1, where Paul tells his readers to imitate him.  What exactly does that mean, and if we should imitate Paul, or anyone else for that matter, does that mean we are not being genuine?  I shall be interested to see what Pastor Beth does with this interesting text.  And for icing on the cake, the Chancel Bells will be playing at the first service.

Stay in One Peace,