Weekly Contact– February 13, 2015

Hello there,

This is coming to you a day late.  I was tied up yesterday with the memorial service for our dear friend, Dr. Paul Orcutt.  Paul was an important part of our church, serving in so many ways as well as offering a warm smile and a word of encouragement.  We are grateful that is passing was quick and easy, but we will miss him so very much.

This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday, the Sunday between Epiphany and Lent.  It is a fitting story between those two seasons.   The word “epiphany” means uncovering or revealing and it celebrates light shining in the darkness.  The Transfiguration of our Lord was a moment when, on the mountaintop, Jesus revealed his true nature and his face shone with light.  Lent celebrates a journey that ends on another hilltop with three crosses.

Both the Cherub and the Chancel Choirs will be singing at the first service this Sunday.  I will be preaching on Mark 9:2-10 and II Corinthians 4:3-6.  My sermon title is “Making Everything Clear.”

The youth will be serving a Mardi Gras Brunch between services on Sunday with breakfast casseroles and New Orleans style Mardi Gras king cake.  So come hungry and make a generous donation to support our summer mission trip.

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  Our seminary intern, Sean Walker, will lead our Ash Wednesday communion service that will start at 6:30.  Be sure to attend for this meaningful beginning of our Lenten season.

Finally, we will be hosting our Family Promise guests starting a week from Sunday on February 22nd.  We need help making it all work.  This is a very important mission, assisting families who are homeless.  Think about how cold it has been the last few days and imagine what it might be like if you did not know where you were sleeping tonight.  You can make a difference by volunteering to help.  Sign up for a particular job on the list in the social room.

Stay in One Peace,