Weekly Contact – December 19, 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

             Christmas does touch different people in different ways. One person may be anticipating reunion and reconciliation with an important person in their life. Another may have a hole in their heart due to the death of someone they dearly treasured. Yet another may have sustained an injury and feel quite frustrated and lonely. It’s possible that Christmas comes into a person’s life where the weight of injustice is keenly felt, either in the world or on them personally. Perhaps you’re hoping that your Christmas gathering will embody the peaceable kingdom. Christmas 2019 may be someone’s last, leading to mixed feelings of gratitude for life and grief about loss. We pray this Christmas that you will experience the wholeness fitting your life.

                        Barb, Karen, and Terry


             Session met this week. Here are the actions it took.

1.     Elected Roger Dana and Kari Raiche to represent Session on the Congregation Nominating Committee with Roger serving as moderator. This is the committee that nominates officers.

2.     Approved a congregational meeting for December 29, 2019, to elect Deacons and Elders.

3.     Elected Marta Pumroy as Commissioner to Presbytery Assembly, January 25, at First Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids.

4.     Authorized purchase and installation of four new boilers after the failure of two of four ten-year-old boilers.

5.     Approved a continuing budget resolution through January based on the 2019 budget and scheduled a called Session meeting Monday, January 13, 2020, to adopt the 2020 budget and form its committees

6.     Elected Emili Grissom, Clerk of Session

7.     Elected corporate officers: Lois Foster, president; Grant Dancey, vice-president; Paul Draper, treasurer; and, Emili Grissom, secretary. Elected Barb Bjork financial secretary.

 Session discussed criteria for determining readiness to proceed with the pastor nomination process. Readiness has to do with Session coming to a greater awareness of processes within the congregation and understanding of resources within the congregation and community over the next decade. Session understands that it takes a while to get into the interim process and, barring any unexpected developments, it is likely the their work will move more rapidly now.

            Come for pancakes following worship Sunday, January 5. This is another chance to support the youth and their mission trip budget.