Weekly Contact- August 7, 2014

Hello there,

Judy and I had a great time last week at Synod School out at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake.  I have written about Synod School before.  It is a wonderful experience with excellent programs for everyone from infants up to great grandparents.  The asked me to be the artist-in-residence, so I spent the week painting watercolors, but I also attended classes and worship and heard some great speakers.  If there is any way you could join us next year (it is always the last week in July) I can promise you, you would not regret it.

School will be starting in about two weeks.  If you have children at home there is a lot that needs to be done before they walk in to the classroom.  For years now, Marion Cares has been providing fully stocked backpacks to children from families struggling to make ends meet.  I have helped hand out these backpacks and I can tell you that the look on these kids’ faces is enough to melt your heart.  It is hard to believe kids can be so excited about school supplies.

In years past, we have stepped up and been very generous in providing this backpacks.  This year, I will admit we have not publicized the need as much, and so the response has not been as strong.  There were a number of requests that were not picked up.  Last Sunday was supposed to be the deadline, but the director can still make it work, if we can get them in by next Wednesday, the 13th.  So if you can stop by the church, or on Sunday morning pick up one of the backpack shopping list, and return the filled backpack by next Wednesday, you will be making a child here in Marion very happy.  We are also willing to take contributions to support this cause.  Contact Pastor Beth for more information.

We will be having a hymn sing in worship this coming Sunday.  Be ready to call out your favorite hymn and we will sing a verse together.  My sermon text for this week is Matthew 14:22-33, the story of Jesus and Peter walking on the Sea of Galilee.  My title is “Drowning Your Doubts.”

Stay in One Peace,


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