Weekly Contact- August 28, 2014

Hello There,

First off, the September First Press is out.  You may open it up online by clicking here.

We are kicking off the 2014-15 church year with a Celebration Sunday on September 7th. That is not this Sunday but a week away.  But I want you to mark your calendar now and plan on being there.  We have a great church here and God is doing great things among us.  So we want to celebrate.  It all begins with the youth serving a pancake breakfast starting at 8:30.  So come to church hungry.  During the breakfast check out the various displays from some of our committees and ministries.  Worship will not begin until 9:30, to give you plenty of time to enjoy your pancakes.  Towards the end of worship various representatives from these committees will offer brief presentations showing just how we are fulfilling our mission of Internally nurturing, Externally serving.  There will only be one service that morning.

We will begin our regular worship schedule the following Sunday, September 14, with our traditional service at 9:00.  The Chancel Choir will be singing that morning under the direction of Paul Holstein.  Sunday School will begin at 10:15, and the Synergy service will begin at 11:00.  Please note this is an earlier time for the Synergy service.

So good things are coming up, including this coming Sunday.  Jess Kozloski will be singing.  I will be preaching and my text is Matthew 16:15-18, 21-26.  I am actually overlapping with part of Pastor Beth’s text from last week, so some of it will sound familiar.  But we will be exploring what happens after Peter makes his great confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  My sermon title is “Midterms and Motorcycles.”

Stay in One Peace,




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