Weekly Contact- August 24, 2018

Hello there,

First of all, thank you so much for your love, support, and especially your prayers.  They seem to be working.  I had my second knee replacement surgery on Tuesday the 21st, and so far my recovery appears to be going much better than my first.  I am stronger and moving better, but probably the best indication is that I have been sleeping well at night.  That was not happening on the first go around.  I still will be out of commission and absent from the office for a couple of weeks, but I hope to be back as soon as I can.

In the meantime, we have such a wonderful church staff, that everything seems to be moving along without me.  If you really do need to talk to me, give me a call by all means.  But you know that the others on staff are very capable of handling most business.

I probably will not be in church on Sunday, but YOU should be there for it will be a wonderful service.  Hanna Langley will be playing the flute for the special music.  She is playing a piece she has done with the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band this summer. Pastor Nancy Redman is preaching.  Her text is various verses from the 8th chapter of 1st Kings, and her sermon title is “God’s ‘Hesed’ Never Ends.”  Hmm… Sounds interesting.

Following worship, Sam Raiche, our praise team leader, is having a little “jam session”.  If you every thought it might be fun to sing with the team, or you would just like to sing your favorite praise song, hang around and have some fun.

Chancel Choir and Chancel Bell practice begins this coming week.  They are always looking for new members.  Contact Paul Holstein or Judy Chapman if interested, or just show up for practice.

Pastor Beth is looking for volunteers for our LOGOS program on Wednesday nights.  There will be a sign up list at the back of the sanctuary, or talk to Pastor Beth.

Stay in One Peace,


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