Weekly Contact- August 22, 2014

Hello there,

Well, I say it every week, but it is true:  We have a great Sunday coming up and you won’t want to miss it.

First off, we have new members joining.  That is always a wonderful thing as our best effort at creating the local version of the beloved community expands.  But the icing on that cake is that we will also be baptizing the daughter of one of the couples that are joining.  That is such an amazing moment when the water touches the baby’s head and we celebrate God’s inexplicable love claiming her as God’s very own.  That alone is worth showing up for.

But then we have some wonderful music.  The Cedar Sound chorus will be with us with their beautiful tight harmony.  Donna Bean is a member of this “Sweet Adelines” chorus and we are grateful for her helping to arrange their helping out with our worship service.  They will be singing three pieces and I know each one will be a real treat.

Pastor Beth is preaching.  Her text this week is Matthew 16:13-20, and her sermon title comes from a question in the passage that Jesus asks his disciples: Who Do You Say I Am?

Finally, next Wednesday at 7:00 is the first Chancel Choir rehearsal under our new director, Paul Holstein.  Consider this a personal invitation from your pastor, asking you to show up and be a part of our Chancel Choir.  We would be delighted to have you.

Stay in One Peace,